Video: Planning Privé’s Outdoor Amenities

adfuel – January 18, 2016

Bill Eager Discusses What Makes the Island Enclave So Special

It’s not just the ultra-exclusive lifestyle offered by South Florida’s last private island that makes Privé at Island Estates the most sought-after luxury address in all of Florida.

What also makes Privé so special is the meticulous care and attention to detail that went into the planning of the eight-acre island’s 56,000 square feet of outdoor amenities. Every aspect of the resident’s experience has been carefully considered, and every space seamlessly integrated into the surrounding environment.

In a series of three short videos, Bill Eager of Sieger Suarez Architects, highlights some of the extraordinary outdoor amenities that await residents at Privé.

The Grand Pool Deck

Because of the size of the pool deck, the Privé design team was able to create two pools that are much larger and longer than those typically found in most luxury residential developments. According to Eager, the design and orientation of the two pools takes full advantage of the best views in all directions.

“We’ve got one pool that’s running east-west, and that pool is really kind of the morning pool. You can go out to that location and watch the sunrise. The second pool, which sits north-south, is a little more of a lounging pool. The deck there is facing to the west so it’s fantastic views for sunsets.”

Because each pool has a different orientation, Eager notes that residents will always be able to find a sunny spot somewhere throughout the day.

An Island For Any Mood

The typical condominium on the ocean has fantastic views to the east but not so great to the west, Eager notes. But on Privé, he says, “You’re surrounded by water, so there are no bad views – it’s breathtaking in every direction.”

Eager describes the sense of arrival that awaits residents and their guests at Privé:

“When you come over the bridge, you’re going to get this feeling that ‘Wow, I’ve arrived at something very special.’ And when you get up to the lobby level, you’re going to be about 25 feet above sea level so your view and your whole experience changes dramatically.”

Landscape and Amenities

“The two experiences from one side of the island to the other will be quite different,” says Eager. “On the east side of the property, it’s a little more finished, a little more polished. You have the 15-foot-wide baywalk and incredible, unobstructed views.”

The west side of Privé, on the other hand, offers a completely different look with existing mangroves complemented by native trees, shrubs and ground covers.

“The natural environment that is around Privé is a luxurious appointment to the property,” Eager says. “As you walk around the island you will always be aware that nature is there.”

The 56,000 square feet of outdoor amenities at Privé complement the 70,000 square feet of indoor amenities residents will enjoy.

Construction of the twin 16-story towers is proceeding full steam ahead, with completion on schedule for 2017. To see ongoing progress at Privé, visit our photo gallery.

See the luxurious, private lifestyle that awaits you at Privé. To learn more, or to plan a visit to our new sales center, please contact the sales team by calling 866-260-1961.

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